Greta says:

Good style doesn’t cost the world # but no style is no solution either

Irmél says:

“Meraki” (Greek) – do something with all your soul and creativity 

Your spaces provide the stage for unforgettable stories of your guests. Only the perfect interaction of interior design, service and concept creates something special. It is my goal to develop this entity together with the host. Creativity & value retention are central; the budget determines the framework.

The inspiration to go my own way came from my two grandmothers, Irmel & Gretchen. The name of my company – Greta Irmél – is my reverence for the talents, virtues and values they have passed on to me. To always remain curious, to concentrate on the positive and to recognize beauty in small things are qualities I was privileged to learn from both of them. My strength lies in immediately recognizing the essence of an object, optimizing the strengths and finding solutions for the weaknesses.