My services to you:

Analysis of the Status Quo

You have had the idea to change something in your place for quite some time. However, online customer reviews do not give any information about what the guest really expects. You’ve reacted and introduced the latest trends, decorated the lobby with designer pieces and even added vegan dishes to your menu, and still something is wrong? 

Let me check your hotel with the eyes of the guest. A professional quality analysis of all areas is the most favourable basis for a sustainable future.

o Hotel check (1-2 nights depending on the size of the property) along the customer journey with derived quick wins and long-term recommendations for action and projects.

o Revision of the location, competitors and USPs. SWOT Analysis

Development of unique concepts for hotels & resorts, shops and restaurants

“Something of everything and much more”. This is how I could describe many places I visit on business or private. Out of tradition or sales ambition to meet all wishes of the guest every single moment unfortunately often leads to a mess. I am there to lead and to offer the guests a great experience through a coherent concept. Let’s find out together what it is that makes you and your place special and develop your own personal appearance. This is my skill, not the indulgence of large budgets.

o Visit of the object, getting to know it and consultancy. Through this personal impression and exchange with the owner I create an incomparable concept. 

Advice on landscaping and external appearance

“There’s no second chance for a first impression.” Especially when talking about hospitality. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t expect to have a relaxed stay if the neon lights were flickering in the entrance, would you? It’s the little things that make the big difference, positive or negative.

Elaboration of the characteristic interior design

Sometimes a new coat of paint and new textiles are enough. But sometimes it has to be more. People’s habits change, trends in furnishing come and go. Adapting your business to all new habits and trends is not financially feasible. Therefore, it is important to know your target group and to filter trends in order to be prepared for the next years by a professional planner. 

o Sketching of the room layout, development of the lighting concept and creation of a so-called “mood board”. Capturing the quantitative equipment.

Selection of FF&E (furniture, furnishings & equipment)

If the lamp matches the sofa, the style is more mid-century or even 70s. Can I hang a pompous mirror in a simple room or is it kitsch then? And if I offer Italian food, do I have to put on a red and white chequered tablecloth or should I use the classic one or maybe none at all? What matches, when is a break in style exactly right or just a bad break? When in doubt, it is always better and cheaper to ask the expert.

o consistency in the selection of style and purchasing advice on all FF&E from large furniture to decoration and plants, from porcelain and tableware to hotel supplies and cosmetics. The advice objective is not necessarily tied to my contacts and primarily follows the agreed style and budget.

Project support

When we have decided on a project together, I will not leave you alone. Depending on the contract, I will lead you continuously by regular attendance or individually agreed visits to project sections. An important part of the accompaniment is also the virtual coordination via Skype or other media. 

o Visits to project section means, for example, the briefing of the contracted craftsmen, acceptance of individual sections and also the actual “helping out” during installation and decoration.

o Virtual meetings via mail or social media as an advisor for purchase decisions, placements or ad hoc queries


The right placement in the room, the loving detail or the arrangement of fresh flowers, the difference between a furniture exhibition and a hospitable ambience is the secret of the decorator. Especially with seasonal decorations, the stylish selection and decoration distinguishes between kitsch and class. 

If you do not operate your place all year round, use the decoration service for your season-opening. My support to you:

o Procurement of all decoration elements

o Special seasonal decorations (Easter, summer, Christmas, etc)

o Event decoration (weddings, summer party, mottoes e.g. Boho, 70’s)

o “The final touch” at every stage of the project

o Staging for photo shootings

Exhibition stand conception & support

You present yourself and your business at national or international (trade) fairs? A unique appearance is crucial. From the conceptual design to the construction and support of the stand  

o Design of the trade fair presentation

o Support of the construction and representation during the trade fair (regional, national & international trade fairs)

Creation of a concept-bound uniform

Thanks to my second passion for fashion and fashion design and the knowledge of the requirements for a uniform, I am able to design your own look or to help you choose from a range of different manufacturers.

o Design of an individual uniform matching the concept

o Compilation of a uniform from known suppliers

Brand and hospitality training

Did you know how many positive impressions it takes to balance a negative experience? 12!

With my personal experience as a trainer and my contacts to licenced trainers you have passionate and strong partners by your side to improve along the whole “Customer Journey”.

A successful ambience is like a perfect hug; the perfect service is the soul of your business.

o Employee training on the concept / brand

o Trainings on customer expectation & satisfaction, intercultural understanding or stress management in challenging situations

o Training for F&B, housekeeping, service or e-learning

Home Staging

It is proven by statistics that real estate is sold more quickly and at a higher rate with the help of a professional home stager. Licenced home stagers have a code of honour: they immediately and explicitly point out obvious defects so that they can be remedied. It is the duty of a professional home stager to never knowingly conceal such defects.

    • Visit of the real estate, development of measurements, staging for a professional photo shooting
    • Realisation of “Casco Days” – show the future potential of the shell construction.

My contacts

  • International wholesalers for furniture, furnishings & equipment in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Poland & Greece 

  • Manufacturers of furniture (indoor & outdoor) in Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland & Turkey

  • Manufacturer for all kinds of lighting in Germany, Italy, France, Spain & Portugal and Dubai

  • Manufacturer of high quality tiles in Portugal 

  • Home textile manufacturers in Germany & Spain and West Africa 

  • Partner for advertising, events & promotion

  • Trainer & Consultant in F&B, Services and Wellness & Spa 

  • photographers

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